Serien von allen Plattformen an einem Ort


TV shows are our passion; a way to relax and take a break from "here and now". We love entering a different reality, meeting extraordinary characters and laughing or trembling with fear alongside them, as well as experiencing dilemmas, facing difficult decisions and learning about their surprising consequences. If just like us, you try to get through your daily chores as quickly as possible in order to sit in front of the TV (or any other screen) and enjoy your favorite series, Bingewell is made for you.

Bingewell is a website that won't let you get lost in an overwhelming number of series. Whether you're into "The Sopranos" or "Stranger Things," you'll find something that suits your fancy. We'll keep you up to date with the newest releases and hits, as well as we'll help you track down binge-worthy comebacks and the hidden gems from the less popular streaming platforms that just don't get enough attention. Once you've made up your mind about a particular series, it's easy to find out where to watch it.

Watching TV series is one thing, but discussing them is an entirely different feeling. Within our group of friends, we like exchanging opinions about TV shows. Our plan is to expand the website to make it a space for discussion for as many TV show fans as possible. We are very curious to hear what you think, so if you have any feedback on the site - let us know and we'll do everything we can to make sure that you'll come back to us regularly and enjoy using our website!

The Team

  • Kinga Kozłowska
  • Wiola Mickiewicz
  • Michał Wieczorek
  • Monika Zastawna


  • Magda Pawlik
  • Aleksandra Szaflarska
  • Mateusz Palczewski


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